Oh, Hey Winter, How You Doing?

So I've been a little out of the picture as the weather's been cooling down.  We're supposed to see some snow at some point this next week and my Texan is showing.  Winter wear to me is six layers of summer wear. #AllTheSocks


Lemme catch you up on what's been going on in my little world here.


Halloween has come and gone and I spent a lovely holiday as everyone's favorite brother-lovin Queen Mother of Westeros, Cersei Lannister.

I built most of that in a weekend and it took about two weeks to do the hand embroidery on the sleeves.  I may bring her out to play at a con in the spring, so I may do the rest of the embroidery that goes on the bodice of dress.  There's a bird on there.  Strange for a Lannister, but sure.  I didn't design it.

I've also wound up my time as Maggie in Derailed and Departed with the Texas Star DInner Theatre.  She was a great wacky character.  A possibly husband murdering showgirl with millions of dollars, but wacky nonetheless.  I've auditioned for their next full run show, Missed Fortune.  I'm hoping for Clarice, widow of the deceased with an itchy whiphand.  More to come about that soon.

I've been announced as Pegasus Theatre's Gloria Stuart in this year's production Another Murder, ANother Show!  She sings, she dances, she...kills?  If you've never seen one of the Living Black and White shows, do yourself a favor and check it out!  It's positively magical and we always have a blast performing it!  Check out Pegasus' FaceBook page here.  And check out the show in January!

Have you been paying attention as to what FUNimation is doing with Japanese animation companies?  THey've set up a deal to simulcast English and Japanese episodes AT THE SAME TIME!  Well, so what?  This is a big deal to anime fans.  Usually, the Japanese will air a series run, then it takes a year for the US to get the rights to it, then dub it into English, and finally release that version domestically.  The process can take two years in some cases.  WEll, with this new deal that's been struck, it's new to EVERYONE at the same time!  FUNimation is going to try it with a few titles this next year, (like Space Dandy this last January) and see how the market takes it.  I'm sure it'll be a really good fix for an English speaking fan.

Lola has made her debut this month and so has Agnese.  What do you guys think of the shows so far?  I'm personally excited for my NEXT appearance.  All I can say to that is...Hello, Blondie.

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Pumpkin Spice Lattes: Fall Now Official

Well, It's been a busy month since last I wrote!  


I've gotten some nice words from Theron Martin over at Anime News Network for The Devil is a Part-Timer!  And some less than nice things about Date A Live. 


Now wait a minute, Alex, I pretend to hear you ask.  Why would you ever show negative reviews of yourself?  Because A) Full Disclosure and B ) They wrote about me.  They put in the effort to mention me, the least I could do is return the favor.


I've been working on another FUNimation show here and there, so Stay tuned for more about that!  I get to play a bad guy!  Woohoo!


I'll also be joining a cast in my home town for a radio production of MacBeth later this fall.  You'll be hearing me as Lady MacDuff.  I'll tell you the when and wheres as that comes up.

Good stuff y'all!  Donb't forget to follow me on my Twitter @Plus3toogres and my FaceBook fan page Alex Moore: Actor




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A short Update

It's been a busy month, people!  Not really, but I like to pretend.  I'm an actor, after all.  A lot of my projects finally got announced.  I'll be hitting the small screen as Agnese Sanctis in the second season of A Certain Magical Index and Lola in the Thriller Bark Arc of One Piece. My show THe Devil is a PArt-Timer! is out for purchase on FUNimation's website and through whatever DVD purchasing service you prefer.

I've been doing some work on another show, which might be seeing a late fall or early winter release, so head's up for that one.

Not too terribly much to report this month guys.

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Launch Day!

How are you doing, fatihful readers?  That's great to hear.  I had a lovely Fourth of July with the fiance and his family.  Fireworks were shot, drinks were consumed in large quantities, jet skis were...jet skied.  A great time.  How was yours?


Lots of stuff has been happenign this past month.  I was part of a new show for Lagniappe, a hybrid of a gunfight show and the Saloon Girl revue that premiered in Austin for the 12th Man Foundation.  Saloon Girls!


I've also launched my own actor page on FaceBook.  You can find me as "Alex Moore: Actor."  Not terribly hard to find.  It's to make me more available and more timely updates than I do here.

The Devil is a Part-Timer! launches today on FUNimation's website today!  If you have a subscription, you can watch all 13 episodes subbed or dubbed starting today!  Otherwise, the DVD will be released on July 22nd, which isn't too far off!

I also have booked a very cool photoshoot.  I get to be a mermaid, y'all!  They're building me a tail!  AHHHHH!  More information about that this fall.

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @plus3toogres !





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Trying to be Busy

A little late coming at you, but here I am with the month in review.

The big one (or two, rather) were the cons!  I love me some cons!  This year for my birthday, the fiance got us passes for Dallas Comic Con!  Woo!  I hadn't been to this one, so I was quite excited.  I had been trying to get my Haek Girl cosplay ready for this, but it just proved to be an undertaking I was not prepared for.  The helmet sits half finished in my trunk and I've got balsa wood and PVC pipe laying about.

But Carmen Sandiego and Waldo made an appearance: Captured by Storm Troopers


And I am quite pleased with this one: Wonderflonium!


We attended on Sunday, which meant the Firefly reunion panel!  I didn't get any pictures because we were standing waaaay in the back, but I was in the same room with Nathan Fillion! Which is pretty cool.


Then a few weeks later, We went to A-Kon at the Anatole.  This was actually the first con I attended, back in 2008, so seeing it grow has been wonderful.  They really got the kinks worked out from last year, so I was happy to see that.  For this con, I had planned on having a full group from Archer, the FX cartoon.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, it ended up just being the fiance and myself again.  So say hello to El PResidente Cyril and Outlaw Country Cherlene!

Outlaw Country!


Not too many people got it, but I pulled it off.  And he was a good sport about it, so there's that.


In other news...


Working with Lagniappe has been a blast!  They have had me out doing all sorts of events and I am really staying busy with them. This week, in fact, I'm heading out to Austin with a group for a variety show.  I'll be can-canning my fanny off!  Yeehaw!


FUNimation is releasing my DVD soon!  Go check it out in their store!  The Devil is a Part-Timer!

That's all I really have for now!

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My, Oh May!

Well, it's finally happened!  I can announce my big show!  I will be playing "Suzuno Kamazuki" on The Devil is a Part-Timer!, through FUNimation.  Yay!  The last few days have been pretty sweet.  I've gotten a lot of emails of congratulations and FB messages.  I've been creeping my own animenewsnetwork page here

at http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/people.php?id=126053

( I can't hypetext addresses cause I'm on the basic plan. But, copy-paste to your heart's content)


-and in the FUNimation forums for the show.  Seems I'm the unknown quantity for this show, and it's true.  It's my first big, named role.  I got announced as the narrator for Date A Live, but it doesn't seem to have gotten much reaction.  We'll see.  

Most of my stuff is going to start landing pretty soon, so hopefully by the end of the year, people will be able to pick my voice out. 

I just shot again with a local photographer last night.  He emailed me a couple of the proofs and they look pretty snazzy.  I hope to switch some of them out when I get around to updating pics.  Which I guess should be soonish.


My cosplay has been stalled out, thanks to the fiance's show.  Tech Week just about killed me.  I was working 10-12 hour days on the set with the director, who was graciously letting me borrow his garage for the project.  I don't want to scrap it completely, but I think it may have been too big a project for me at my current skil level.  But I will be wondering about at DCC in costume.


And A-Kon's group has been set and prepped.  We know what we need, but it's just a matter of putting some new stuff together.  Mostly thrift shopping.  Gonna pop some tags.  The kids still say that, right?

That's all I got for now.  



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Getting it Done

I took a mini vacation from blogging (can't you see how tan my keyboard is?) because there was nothing really to report on.  I did a show with Stolen Shakespeare Guild and have been skulking around looking for more work.

I reunited with Pegasus Theatre, doing one of the staged readings.  They're reading all sixteen of the Hunsacker plays in the Universe's chronological order.  It was a great time.  Every member of the cast was a Pegasus veteran and it showed.  We read A Degree of Death.  I played Jesse Armstrong, a woman who was about to lose her inn thanks to the Hoover Dam ( darn it!) when Harry, Nigel, and Lt Foster show up and turn up a mystery.  So much greatness.

I've also been kind of dramaturgin my way through the plays myself to work on the Harrypedia, a compendium of knowledge for actors and directors.  My aim is a bit more academic for what they need, but it's fun for me.  (Everytime I say that, a graduate student goes ABD)

I'm still working with FUNimation, too.  I just booked a little more time today, so I'm almost at my 100 hour mark, which is a big deal for me.  I get a raise per hour and also I've been super cool.  I'm hoping i get a bumper sticker or something official.

I got to do commentary for the first time a couple of weeks ago with some voice veterans.  They seemed as excited as I was that I got to do this.  Most of the commentary was talking about how and what I learned working with my director.  I felt pretty rockstar to be able to sit in a room and talk shop with people who knew what they were talking about.  I can't wait for it to get released.

My latest and possibly biggest news is that I've signed on for a long term contract with Lagniappe Productions.  Lan-yap.  Say it "lan-yap".  They specialize in gunfights you usually see at Six Flags theme parks in the summer.  I went in to audition for their dinner theatre, Texas Star, for one of their understudies.  I went in to read and came out with another gig as one of their saloon girls. And then a couple of days later, I got the role.  First rehearsal with them is tomorrow night.  That'll run through November, so if you're gonna be in the DFW area in the next six months, you should come see me!

And the Fiance has not been sitting around.  He's been even busier than me!  He's about to open Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Stolen Shakespeare Guild.  After this he will be going on a much needed break.  The poor thing's acted himself ragged.  But he's been onstage almost every weekend since January.  It'll be good for him to recharge and get in to wedding-planning mode. Yay!


PS: also trying to get together a cosplay for Dallas Comic Con.  With everything hitting me right now, it may not debut until A-Kon, but here's hoping!



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A New Year

Well, i have had a great end of the year.  My show Rehearsal for Murder opened at the Eisemann Center, and reviews have been pretty solid.  I even got a mention on how impressive my screaming is (putting that on the resume...."1950's Scream Queen").   Check out my Reviews tab to see. I always have such a blast with the Pegasus Theatre group.  It's so drama free and professional And everyone does a little bit of everything.

i also managed to get cast in ashow by simply showing up to the rehearsal.   I'll be next appearing as "First Lord" in Stolen Shakespeare Guild production of As You Like It.  The BF was brought in to play Touchstone, the fool and I tagged along.  They asked if I wanted to be in it, too.  So yeah, that happened.  I think it goes up in February.  I haven't really looked att he rehearsal schedule yet.

FUNimation has been equally amazing.  Just a couple of days ago, I was in the booth for the entire day working on a show.  i've almost got all my lines recorded, so I'll be moving on to the next show pretty soon, whatever that may be.

oh yeah, one giant thing: I GOT ENGAGED!!!!

He proposed in our hotel room after the NYE performance for my show, before the cast party.  Much congratulating and drinks were had.  I promised myself I wouldn't be that girl blasting FB with pictures of the ring, but I guess I'll post it here, since I don't think anyone reads this anyway.


I am absolutely ecstatic about it!  I've been trying to figure out possible wedding things, but we've just been so busy lately that we haven't really had time to sit and discuss anything. No dates or locations set yet, but it'll happen.

Professionally, I'm working toward finally getting that vocal reel and an agent.  I got a lovely headshot, courtesy of Txheadshots.com .   I did a project with the owner, so my payment was getting a good headshot for free.  Good stuff.

Also, 2014 is going to be the year I get over my fear os musical theatre.  I don't consider myself a singer and unelss it's karaoke, I tend to shy away from it.  But I'm going to knuckle down, find a program or a tutor, and get on that big scary horse!  


Hope everyone else's 2014 is as hopeful and priductive as I hope mine will be!



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Frozen (My Porch, Not the Movie)

Well, here we are in December.  Just this last weekend, I got frozen out of rehearsals.  Not in the "they don't want me anymore" way, but the "iced up every major traffic way in DFW and no one in this state knows who to drive in it (myself included).  So most of the city went into lockdown, leaving us to fend for ourselves.  Hardly any food (or beer) in the fridge, no more firewood, no rehearsal.  Surely these are the end times.

But the boyfriend and I did it in style.  We got to attend his company's Christmas party, which was a lovely resort hotel in the area.  The wives and girlfriends were treated to a mani/pedi at the hotel spa, which was much needed.  In preparation for the event, I've been trying not to bite my nails for the past month.  I think they came out rather well.


Let's see, what else...


Oh! I can now officially say that I will be a voice on the new show Space Dandy that will be premiering in January.  THe cool thing about it is that the Japanese version will be airing at the same time.  Usually, it take two or three years for a show to be acquired and localized in America.  This one will be the world premiere on Toonami on cartoon network!  Check out funimation.com for more info.


I will also be voicing a major role to be coming out next summer.  There's a lot of great stuff on the horizon, so stay tuned!


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I'm leaving my full time job.  It's becoming too stressfuland I'm not a fan of the cut-throat corporate culture.  If you can't give me a legitimate reason for changing something, then you have no reason changing it.  Even it's a reason I don't agree with, that's fine; I'll accept that.  But if your answer is "Because I said so", no.  I'm not eight.  You owe me an answer.  If I care enough to ask, you can care enough to answer appropriately.


So, with all of this, I"ll be pursuing more part time work because...


I'm doing pretty well in my voice acting with FUNimation.  I've been getting named characters, and more hours.  It may just be minor characters right now, but i'm under the impression I"m making an impression.  I don't want to jinx myself, but I really feel I'm doing really well.  I figure with all my monthly bills, about ten hours a month would cover it. My bills are that low and I do make that much.  It's great.  

I get aggravated at work because people hear I'm workign at FUNi and they want to know what I've done and I can't say.  I'm contractually obligated not to reveal that until they do.  It sucks.  I understand that they don't want it leaked.  It's work and it's still a work in progress.  I asked last time when I was in the booth how long it. takes a series from booth to DVD.  The answer is about a year.  That's a long time.  I've been one of the first voices to record a week in to one of the last people three weeks in.  Post production takes a looooong time.  You've got t

Translation, FX, music, etc.   I didn't think it took that long, to be honest, maybe six months.

So by this time next year, maybe.


The BF did a great show since last I wrote.  He did SPAMalot as Prince Herbert, the Historian, Robin's Minstrel, and a bunch of bit roles.  Great stuff.  All his reviews were amazing.    Just thought I'd throw that out.  (He's reading over my shoulder and I thought I'd throw him a bone) (I'll throw YOU a bone! -Nice)

Oh! This is how Halloween ended up:


  • Found us!



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How an Actor Does Halloween

I like how I've been blogging once amonth, almost always around the 7-9th of that month. hmmm...


Well let's see.  Secrets of My Prison House went fairly well.  I had a blast twerking and being the most disgusting teen girl ever.  I am a little mad that Miley Cyrus stole my twerk-thunder.  Ah well...

In other news, I'll be in Kurt Klienman's Rehearsal for Murder (formerly The Color of Death!) as Jenny, the ingenue.  I really get a kick working with the Pegsaus Theatre group.  Every show I've done has been one of theirs since I landed in DFW.  And the incompareable Michael Serrechia will be directing again.  Yay!  I'm ready to drain the color and go Black and White with this group.

Also, FUNimation! has released an English cast list, so I can finally say I worked on Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo.  I'm just a bunch of background stuff during a sequence on a floating aircraft carrier (because....Japan).  I'm like three layers back in the mix, but if you squint your ears really hard, I bet you can find me. The premiere is in NYC I think this next week.

And of course, the Halloween costume construction begins...and is actually almost done.  Halloween 2013


I ordered the hat necessary to complete this ensemble last night, so it should be here by the end of the week.  Good stuff!


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Bloggity Goodness


Big things ave happened since last time.  I've been auditioning a lot with FUNimation a lot (funimation.com).  I think I've had about three or four auditions and those had yielded (to date) 1 show with regular recurring per episode, 1 show with bit parts, 1 movie with bit parts (!!!), and the biggest and most awesome, 1 show with a substantial role.  Can't say what it is yet, because frankly, I don't know, but I get to record for five hours tomorrow, so I am super stoked about that.

And you should be too.

This weekend also saw the opening of my latest show Secrets of my Prison House, written by Ben Schroth.  It's pretty blackbox experimental theatre, and boy howdy, does it go there.  The BF came to the show last night and as liberal and theatre-y as he is, he still was like "damn, that was gross."  So there you go , interweb denizens.



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So over the past couple of weeks I've been getting antsy to be acting again.  Like you do.   I've been cast in one show at ICT: Secrets of My Prison House, with some good friends.   This last week I auditioned with Circle Theatre in lovely downtown Fort Worth.  Sundance Square: Where you can park if you have money.   I did the initial audition and was immediately invited to the callback which was held Sunday.  Good stuff.

I do the callback for that, not really sure how that one was going to shake out.  I"m still waiting for some sort of yay or nay on that.

Today, however, I have a call back with FUNimation, an anime production house where they primarily sub in English actors for Japanese anime.  Really super excited with that prospect.  I"ve always wanted to be a voice actor since I could remember, so wish me luck, anyone who actually read this!





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Okay, For Real

Since I am aupposed to be an actor, I guess I should get used to actually telling stories.  Here's where I am right  now.

Currently, I've been cast in a new show at ICT in Irving, Secrets of my Prison Home.  It's an origianl script and I know the playwright, which is cool.  Even cooler is the fact that I did not have to audition and was precast before the audition notice went up.  Yay for me.

Last month-ish, I had an open call audiiton with FUNimation! out in FLower Mound as well. I life-long dream of mine realized, to be sure. I really feel like I did well, so I guess I just need to sit and wait for one of the directors to notice how super awesome I sound.  Since then, they've already cast two shows, but I'm not going to let that get me down.  I'm in their system and that's what's important.

My auditions have honestly been few and far between at the moment.  I''m looking for some more paid work, but I might be to new to the market to just be going for paid jobs.  I know what I'm worth, though.  Let's see if anyone else agrees.




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Alex Moore publishes new website

Welcome to Alex Moore's official website. Here you will find all things from the world of Alex Moore.
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