Well, It's been a busy month since last I wrote!  


I've gotten some nice words from Theron Martin over at Anime News Network for The Devil is a Part-Timer!  And some less than nice things about Date A Live. 


Now wait a minute, Alex, I pretend to hear you ask.  Why would you ever show negative reviews of yourself?  Because A) Full Disclosure and B ) They wrote about me.  They put in the effort to mention me, the least I could do is return the favor.


I've been working on another FUNimation show here and there, so Stay tuned for more about that!  I get to play a bad guy!  Woohoo!


I'll also be joining a cast in my home town for a radio production of MacBeth later this fall.  You'll be hearing me as Lady MacDuff.  I'll tell you the when and wheres as that comes up.

Good stuff y'all!  Donb't forget to follow me on my Twitter @Plus3toogres and my FaceBook fan page Alex Moore: Actor