2014 Nominated for "Breakthrough Voice Actress 2014" by Behind the Voice

2008 Miss Corpus Christi International


“Everybody in the 11-member cast contributes to the overall feel of a 40s-era film, from the swagger of the dark-haired diva Rebecca Holmes (a posture-perfect and elegant Terry McCracken) to the sardonic shrug of the critic/reporter Frank Cameron (Ben Schroth in snapping terrier mode). When the lights suddenly go out or a corpse is discovered, nobody screams with the intensity and authority of Alex Moore as the sexy platinum ingénue Jenny Stewart. "

Martha Heimberg "Gray Matter" Theatre Jones, January 4, 2014.

XSR: Die!

“Alexandra Moore, as Jean Hudson, presents a character that has unexpected depth, skills and roles within roles that are shown as the story develops. Moore shares with the audience a character that at first appears to be an aspiring and vulnerable actress who asks, in one scene, why Margo does not like her. The interaction in this scene between Margo and Jean very clearly define the hopefulness of an aspiring actress and the bitterness of a more mature actress. As the story line develops, the audience is treated to a Hudson that is alluring, cunning, soft hearted and delightful to watch with each transition”

Joel Taylor- The Column, 12/31/12

“In true whodunnit fashion, no one within XSR: Die! is who they appear to be—a conceit that’s furthered by Pegasus Theatre’s trademarked Living Black & White performance style. Not only might that fast-talking ingénue be a killer, but her silvery hair, ashen skin, and onyx kisser disguise the normal Technicolor person hiding beneath the trademarked makeup, set, prop, wig, and costume magic that Pegasus founder Kurt Kleinmann perfected years ago.

“On the other hand, Alex Moore as the blonde and bosomy Jean Hudson does an excellent job of keeping us guessing at her true motives. "

Lindsey Wilson- Front Row Jan 7, 2013

Oct 16, 2009- Tech play takes entertainment up a few notches (Les Liaisons Dangereuses)

“The roles seem to be cast to near perfection and everyone on stage during this three-hour performance seems to be having an absolute ball.”

“Meanwhile, Moore playing Mertuil allows her character’s motivation to slowly slip out of her. She feels no need to pamper up to the audience or to scene steal from the charismatic Powers, but lets her character age in that she slowly digresses to the core depravity penetrating her character. They say wine gets better with age, well so does Mertuil in the hands of Moore.”

Jake Mathews- Daily Toreador

Dec 5, 2010- Talented actresses hilarious in ‘Anton’ at Tech’s Maedgen Theatre

“The crux is that Kate (played by Mariel Morgan) has asked Holly (Alex Moore), one of the most well known personalities on network television, to star in her play.

“Theater, as we soon learn, is about power — and it is easy to identify the power when Holly gets bored, ends the auditions, handles the hiring and even fires a director.”

“Moore is so honestly, and thus humorously, cynical throughout, up front when she admits she knows nothing about acting, but has certainly learned that the person with the most power gets the best role.

“Even a nasty throwaway line reveals how far she’s willing to go for better billing if her dream comes true and the play leads to a movie role.”

William Kerns -Lubbock Avalanche Journal

”Alex Moore makes a fun and flippant blonde bombshell as the tough gal actress Gloria Stuart…"

Martha Heimberg "It's Time to Re-Hearse", Theatre Jones, Jan 6, 2015

“Alex Moore pours on the sass as chorus girl Gloria Stuart (the name of the late Academy Award-nominated actress who was in movies at that time)…”

Nancy Churnin "Another Murder, Another Show! is Another Black and White Delight", Dallas Morning News, January 2, 2015