A little late coming at you, but here I am with the month in review.

The big one (or two, rather) were the cons!  I love me some cons!  This year for my birthday, the fiance got us passes for Dallas Comic Con!  Woo!  I hadn't been to this one, so I was quite excited.  I had been trying to get my Haek Girl cosplay ready for this, but it just proved to be an undertaking I was not prepared for.  The helmet sits half finished in my trunk and I've got balsa wood and PVC pipe laying about.

But Carmen Sandiego and Waldo made an appearance: Captured by Storm Troopers


And I am quite pleased with this one: Wonderflonium!


We attended on Sunday, which meant the Firefly reunion panel!  I didn't get any pictures because we were standing waaaay in the back, but I was in the same room with Nathan Fillion! Which is pretty cool.


Then a few weeks later, We went to A-Kon at the Anatole.  This was actually the first con I attended, back in 2008, so seeing it grow has been wonderful.  They really got the kinks worked out from last year, so I was happy to see that.  For this con, I had planned on having a full group from Archer, the FX cartoon.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, it ended up just being the fiance and myself again.  So say hello to El PResidente Cyril and Outlaw Country Cherlene!

Outlaw Country!


Not too many people got it, but I pulled it off.  And he was a good sport about it, so there's that.


In other news...


Working with Lagniappe has been a blast!  They have had me out doing all sorts of events and I am really staying busy with them. This week, in fact, I'm heading out to Austin with a group for a variety show.  I'll be can-canning my fanny off!  Yeehaw!


FUNimation is releasing my DVD soon!  Go check it out in their store!  The Devil is a Part-Timer!

That's all I really have for now!