Well, i have had a great end of the year.  My show Rehearsal for Murder opened at the Eisemann Center, and reviews have been pretty solid.  I even got a mention on how impressive my screaming is (putting that on the resume...."1950's Scream Queen").   Check out my Reviews tab to see. I always have such a blast with the Pegasus Theatre group.  It's so drama free and professional And everyone does a little bit of everything.

i also managed to get cast in ashow by simply showing up to the rehearsal.   I'll be next appearing as "First Lord" in Stolen Shakespeare Guild production of As You Like It.  The BF was brought in to play Touchstone, the fool and I tagged along.  They asked if I wanted to be in it, too.  So yeah, that happened.  I think it goes up in February.  I haven't really looked att he rehearsal schedule yet.

FUNimation has been equally amazing.  Just a couple of days ago, I was in the booth for the entire day working on a show.  i've almost got all my lines recorded, so I'll be moving on to the next show pretty soon, whatever that may be.

oh yeah, one giant thing: I GOT ENGAGED!!!!

He proposed in our hotel room after the NYE performance for my show, before the cast party.  Much congratulating and drinks were had.  I promised myself I wouldn't be that girl blasting FB with pictures of the ring, but I guess I'll post it here, since I don't think anyone reads this anyway.


I am absolutely ecstatic about it!  I've been trying to figure out possible wedding things, but we've just been so busy lately that we haven't really had time to sit and discuss anything. No dates or locations set yet, but it'll happen.

Professionally, I'm working toward finally getting that vocal reel and an agent.  I got a lovely headshot, courtesy of Txheadshots.com .   I did a project with the owner, so my payment was getting a good headshot for free.  Good stuff.

Also, 2014 is going to be the year I get over my fear os musical theatre.  I don't consider myself a singer and unelss it's karaoke, I tend to shy away from it.  But I'm going to knuckle down, find a program or a tutor, and get on that big scary horse!  


Hope everyone else's 2014 is as hopeful and priductive as I hope mine will be!