Well, here we are in December.  Just this last weekend, I got frozen out of rehearsals.  Not in the "they don't want me anymore" way, but the "iced up every major traffic way in DFW and no one in this state knows who to drive in it (myself included).  So most of the city went into lockdown, leaving us to fend for ourselves.  Hardly any food (or beer) in the fridge, no more firewood, no rehearsal.  Surely these are the end times.

But the boyfriend and I did it in style.  We got to attend his company's Christmas party, which was a lovely resort hotel in the area.  The wives and girlfriends were treated to a mani/pedi at the hotel spa, which was much needed.  In preparation for the event, I've been trying not to bite my nails for the past month.  I think they came out rather well.


Let's see, what else...


Oh! I can now officially say that I will be a voice on the new show Space Dandy that will be premiering in January.  THe cool thing about it is that the Japanese version will be airing at the same time.  Usually, it take two or three years for a show to be acquired and localized in America.  This one will be the world premiere on Toonami on cartoon network!  Check out funimation.com for more info.


I will also be voicing a major role to be coming out next summer.  There's a lot of great stuff on the horizon, so stay tuned!