Since I am aupposed to be an actor, I guess I should get used to actually telling stories.  Here's where I am right  now.

Currently, I've been cast in a new show at ICT in Irving, Secrets of my Prison Home.  It's an origianl script and I know the playwright, which is cool.  Even cooler is the fact that I did not have to audition and was precast before the audition notice went up.  Yay for me.

Last month-ish, I had an open call audiiton with FUNimation! out in FLower Mound as well. I life-long dream of mine realized, to be sure. I really feel like I did well, so I guess I just need to sit and wait for one of the directors to notice how super awesome I sound.  Since then, they've already cast two shows, but I'm not going to let that get me down.  I'm in their system and that's what's important.

My auditions have honestly been few and far between at the moment.  I''m looking for some more paid work, but I might be to new to the market to just be going for paid jobs.  I know what I'm worth, though.  Let's see if anyone else agrees.