Big things ave happened since last time.  I've been auditioning a lot with FUNimation a lot (  I think I've had about three or four auditions and those had yielded (to date) 1 show with regular recurring per episode, 1 show with bit parts, 1 movie with bit parts (!!!), and the biggest and most awesome, 1 show with a substantial role.  Can't say what it is yet, because frankly, I don't know, but I get to record for five hours tomorrow, so I am super stoked about that.

And you should be too.

This weekend also saw the opening of my latest show Secrets of my Prison House, written by Ben Schroth.  It's pretty blackbox experimental theatre, and boy howdy, does it go there.  The BF came to the show last night and as liberal and theatre-y as he is, he still was like "damn, that was gross."  So there you go , interweb denizens.