So I've been a little out of the picture as the weather's been cooling down.  We're supposed to see some snow at some point this next week and my Texan is showing.  Winter wear to me is six layers of summer wear. #AllTheSocks


Lemme catch you up on what's been going on in my little world here.


Halloween has come and gone and I spent a lovely holiday as everyone's favorite brother-lovin Queen Mother of Westeros, Cersei Lannister.

I built most of that in a weekend and it took about two weeks to do the hand embroidery on the sleeves.  I may bring her out to play at a con in the spring, so I may do the rest of the embroidery that goes on the bodice of dress.  There's a bird on there.  Strange for a Lannister, but sure.  I didn't design it.

I've also wound up my time as Maggie in Derailed and Departed with the Texas Star DInner Theatre.  She was a great wacky character.  A possibly husband murdering showgirl with millions of dollars, but wacky nonetheless.  I've auditioned for their next full run show, Missed Fortune.  I'm hoping for Clarice, widow of the deceased with an itchy whiphand.  More to come about that soon.

I've been announced as Pegasus Theatre's Gloria Stuart in this year's production Another Murder, ANother Show!  She sings, she dances, she...kills?  If you've never seen one of the Living Black and White shows, do yourself a favor and check it out!  It's positively magical and we always have a blast performing it!  Check out Pegasus' FaceBook page here.  And check out the show in January!

Have you been paying attention as to what FUNimation is doing with Japanese animation companies?  THey've set up a deal to simulcast English and Japanese episodes AT THE SAME TIME!  Well, so what?  This is a big deal to anime fans.  Usually, the Japanese will air a series run, then it takes a year for the US to get the rights to it, then dub it into English, and finally release that version domestically.  The process can take two years in some cases.  WEll, with this new deal that's been struck, it's new to EVERYONE at the same time!  FUNimation is going to try it with a few titles this next year, (like Space Dandy this last January) and see how the market takes it.  I'm sure it'll be a really good fix for an English speaking fan.

Lola has made her debut this month and so has Agnese.  What do you guys think of the shows so far?  I'm personally excited for my NEXT appearance.  All I can say to that is...Hello, Blondie.