I'm leaving my full time job.  It's becoming too stressfuland I'm not a fan of the cut-throat corporate culture.  If you can't give me a legitimate reason for changing something, then you have no reason changing it.  Even it's a reason I don't agree with, that's fine; I'll accept that.  But if your answer is "Because I said so", no.  I'm not eight.  You owe me an answer.  If I care enough to ask, you can care enough to answer appropriately.


So, with all of this, I"ll be pursuing more part time work because...


I'm doing pretty well in my voice acting with FUNimation.  I've been getting named characters, and more hours.  It may just be minor characters right now, but i'm under the impression I"m making an impression.  I don't want to jinx myself, but I really feel I'm doing really well.  I figure with all my monthly bills, about ten hours a month would cover it. My bills are that low and I do make that much.  It's great.  

I get aggravated at work because people hear I'm workign at FUNi and they want to know what I've done and I can't say.  I'm contractually obligated not to reveal that until they do.  It sucks.  I understand that they don't want it leaked.  It's work and it's still a work in progress.  I asked last time when I was in the booth how long it. takes a series from booth to DVD.  The answer is about a year.  That's a long time.  I've been one of the first voices to record a week in to one of the last people three weeks in.  Post production takes a looooong time.  You've got t

Translation, FX, music, etc.   I didn't think it took that long, to be honest, maybe six months.

So by this time next year, maybe.


The BF did a great show since last I wrote.  He did SPAMalot as Prince Herbert, the Historian, Robin's Minstrel, and a bunch of bit roles.  Great stuff.  All his reviews were amazing.    Just thought I'd throw that out.  (He's reading over my shoulder and I thought I'd throw him a bone) (I'll throw YOU a bone! -Nice)

Oh! This is how Halloween ended up:


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