I took a mini vacation from blogging (can't you see how tan my keyboard is?) because there was nothing really to report on.  I did a show with Stolen Shakespeare Guild and have been skulking around looking for more work.

I reunited with Pegasus Theatre, doing one of the staged readings.  They're reading all sixteen of the Hunsacker plays in the Universe's chronological order.  It was a great time.  Every member of the cast was a Pegasus veteran and it showed.  We read A Degree of Death.  I played Jesse Armstrong, a woman who was about to lose her inn thanks to the Hoover Dam ( darn it!) when Harry, Nigel, and Lt Foster show up and turn up a mystery.  So much greatness.

I've also been kind of dramaturgin my way through the plays myself to work on the Harrypedia, a compendium of knowledge for actors and directors.  My aim is a bit more academic for what they need, but it's fun for me.  (Everytime I say that, a graduate student goes ABD)

I'm still working with FUNimation, too.  I just booked a little more time today, so I'm almost at my 100 hour mark, which is a big deal for me.  I get a raise per hour and also I've been super cool.  I'm hoping i get a bumper sticker or something official.

I got to do commentary for the first time a couple of weeks ago with some voice veterans.  They seemed as excited as I was that I got to do this.  Most of the commentary was talking about how and what I learned working with my director.  I felt pretty rockstar to be able to sit in a room and talk shop with people who knew what they were talking about.  I can't wait for it to get released.

My latest and possibly biggest news is that I've signed on for a long term contract with Lagniappe Productions.  Lan-yap.  Say it "lan-yap".  They specialize in gunfights you usually see at Six Flags theme parks in the summer.  I went in to audition for their dinner theatre, Texas Star, for one of their understudies.  I went in to read and came out with another gig as one of their saloon girls. And then a couple of days later, I got the role.  First rehearsal with them is tomorrow night.  That'll run through November, so if you're gonna be in the DFW area in the next six months, you should come see me!

And the Fiance has not been sitting around.  He's been even busier than me!  He's about to open Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Stolen Shakespeare Guild.  After this he will be going on a much needed break.  The poor thing's acted himself ragged.  But he's been onstage almost every weekend since January.  It'll be good for him to recharge and get in to wedding-planning mode. Yay!


PS: also trying to get together a cosplay for Dallas Comic Con.  With everything hitting me right now, it may not debut until A-Kon, but here's hoping!